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Anzac Day Dreamworld Construction & Updates: Thrill Ride
April 25 2004

Dreamworld - The Claw
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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The main pathway to Ocean Parade has been shut off as construction on the "2004 Teen Market Thrill Ride" commences.
The pathway and roundabout have been ripped up.

The area is between the end of Main Street and Wipeout, at the Sandwich Bar's location.
So far there are several holes dug in the area, but at this early stage very little has happened.

Whether these holes are to be for footings is hard to judge at this early stage.
A trench dug at the Nick Central end of the site, presumably for electrical or plumbing purposes.

Tiger Island has a new prop to better demonstrate the leaping behavior, which was formerly done between two logs to the right.
Tomb Raider in Gum Tree Gully

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