Warner Village Theme Parks have unveiled their latest ticketing options, allowing visitors to purchase annual passes that offer year-round access to two or three of their theme parks.

Early this year, Dreamworld/WhiteWater World revealed their Max Action Platinum, a pass that allows unlimited access to Dreamworld and WhiteWater World for two years, priced slightly higher than their $185 single year Dreamworld annual pass at $254.

By contrast, Warner Village Theme Parks's latest pass gives unlimited access to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and wet'n'Wild Water World for a period of 12 months for $299 (children $249). Alternatively, buyers can choose a two park pass that offers the buyer access to either Sea World or Movie World, plus Wet'n'Wild for $249 (children $199).

Their two-park option is $5 cheaper than Dreamworld and WhiteWater World's but only offers a single year of access to the parks against Dreamworld/WhiteWater World's two. The close proximity of Dreamworld and WhiteWater World also allows ease of access to both parks within a single visit. Sea World to Wet'n'Wild is an 18km drive, while from Movie World it is roughly 1km.

A single park annual pass is $185 at Dreamworld, $165 at Sea World and Warner Bros. Movie World, $157.50 at Wet'n'Wild and $125 at WhiteWater World.

2007 marks the first year ever that multiple park annual passes have been available from either of the Gold Coast theme park operators.