Workers are still hurriedly putting finishing touches on areas of the ride's surrounds, but the roller coaster is well and truly functional, launching off on its first official laps today to mark the opening of Dreamworld's newest attraction, their first thrill ride in some three years.

Dreamworld's Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Bradley said the new ride is a great adrenalin rush giving you an amazing feeling of freedom.

He added, "this new attraction shows Dreamworld's dedication to advanced ride technology and new experiences to the Australian Market."

Joined by Minister for Gold Coast Margaret Keech and 125CC rider Stacey McMahon, the red ribbon was cut ahead of the inaugural launch.

Mick Doohan was there in spirit - and via a prerecorded film - to mark the opening of the roller coaster. He said, "I am extremely proud to see the end result, I have really enjoyed working with Dreamworld, the new attraction truly celebrates and pays respect to a great Australian sport and its achievements."

Mick Doohan's Motocoaster takes riders from 0-72km/hr in a few short seconds by way of a hydraulic system that powers 46 rubber tyres along the launch track, the second of its kind in the world. Designed for enjoyment by families as well as thrill seekers, the coaster is best described as an enjoyable experience rather than an adrenalin-pumping thrill ride. Dreamworld has been emphasising that the ride is above all safe and well-suited to families.

It is the first motorcycle roller coaster to come from Swiss manufacturer Intamin, featuring full-sized replica 500CC bikes, as well as two sidecar seats at the rear of each of the two trains that allow riders as short as 110cm (44") tall to ride with supervision. Riders must be 130cm (51") to ride in the other 14 motorcycle seats.

The 605m coaster is the first of its kind in the country. Other motorcycle coasters built by other roller coaster companies such as Vekoma exist overseas.

See the Videos page to view's footage from the event. A full POV plus off-ride footage can be found there, as can the full opening presentations featuring Kevin Bradley, Margaret Keech and Mick Doohan.